Hydraulic Tipping Trolley
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Hydraulic Tipping Trolley

All welded steel constriction. Three sides fixed body, rear open. Completely smooth interior body covers are chamfer at 45 degree angle. Box section top rail and channel section steel box on all sides. Scoop end or tail-gate automatic locking device. Body is reinforced with tipping chassis and over cross member of channels.


  • Specified for:
    • Agriculture, Constriction, Highways, Road Building, Development and Local Authorities, Municipalities.

Technical Specification

Body Size

11’ x 6.5’ x 2’

12’ x 7’ x 2-1/2’ 13’ x 7’ 2-1/2’
Capacity 8 Tons 10 Tons 12 Tons
Tyre Size 8x25x20 900x20 900x20
Side Sheet Gauge SWG 12 SWG 12 SWG 12
Axile Size 16x18 (1/2 thick) 16x18 (1/2 thick) 18x20 (5/8 thick)
Frame Channel Size 10” x 3”x 1/2 10” x 3”x 1/2 10” x 3”x 1/2
Bed sheet Gauge SWG 10 SWG 10 SWG 10
No.of Tyre 4 4 4
Optional Mechnical Parking brakes, Spare wheel Operating system Hydraulic external kit of MF-FIAT, FORD tractos