Multi Purpose Rear Dozer

Model: JAE-MPRD-75
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Multi Purpose Rear Dozer
Multi Purpose Rear Dozer
Multi Purpose Rear Dozer

Land leveling, yard cleaning, farm road grading, snow clearing, siting potato clamps, ditching and terracing, backfilling, earth moving, these are some of the many jobs that you can do with this versatile tool. With the grader wheel installed, hydraulic position control holds the blade at the chose depth for the fine leveling. Angle and pitch of blade adjustable form tractor seat. Blade pitch is adjustable form 0 to 40 degree by the screw lever in reach of the tractor seat.

The blade can be completely reversed for back filling.

For access to awkward palace it can be offset to either side.

An alternative hitch pin for the right hand lover link allows the blade to be tilted for digging ditches or irrigation channel.

Technical Specification

Monitoring Category 1, three point linkage
Construction Entirely steel frame, reversible high carbon steel cutting edge
Blade Angle Adjustable 0 to 70 in two increments to either side and similarly with blade facing rear ward.
Blade Width 7 feet
Blade Pitch Adjustable from 0 to 40
Overall Length 5 feet (with grade wheel)
Weight 270 kgs
Tractor Compatibiliy 35 - 75 HP