Scissor Plateform
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Scissor Plateform

Scissor type aerial work platform and integrated perfect combination of two different system. Which is designed to help people work better equipped with standard features that combine to give you more lifting capacity, aerial agility, excellent manoeuverability during any kind of job at sight.


  • Working Height: 25 to 30 Feet.(Vertical)
  • Heavy duty steel welded platform construction
  • Diamond-emborsed steel platform deck.
  • A roll-out deck extension provides 40% increase in platform area and allow the operator to work over the top of any obstruction (Optional).
  • Single synchronized lift cylinder gives a smooth elevation and integral lock valve is fitted in case of a hydraulic hose failure.
  • Double acting cylinder with mono block valve installed on platforms.
  • Electro hydraulic system provided (Optional) Solid grease nipples make maintenance easy and ensure a long working life.


    • Crane Capacity 3 Tons